The Six Figure Medical Coder is for you if you

The Six Figure Medical Coder is for you if you

Six Figure Medical Coder is my story, experiences, skills, abilities, and failures, love hate relationship with Coding and how I became the Six Figure Coder. It was intentional. Basically I decided one day to earn six figures and in 12 moths I was earning 6 figures. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely! It was necessary for my growth.

My goal with this site is the help you do it too. Getting to six figures is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. I am Shonda Miles. I am a Six figure Earner. I have a Master’s Degree in Business. I have Six Certifications related to Medical Coding which include CPC-Certified Professional Coder, CCS-Certified Coding Specialist, CCS-P-Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based, CPC-I-Certified Professional Coder Instructor, CPB-Certified Professional Biller, CRC-Certified Risk Adjustment Coder.

Are these certifications necessary to make six figures? Probably not, when I first made my first six figures I only had 3 certifications-CPC, CCS, CCS-P. I learned a lot the hard way. As far as I know no one will tell you the things I will share with you. I speak openly, candidly about my experience as a Remote Coder and what I wish I had known on this journey. What happen after I made my first six figures?

This website is for you. It is to keep you from making the same mistakes I made. If you want to make six figures welcome to this journey. Do you want to make six figures on the side doing something else, I can help you with that as well.

What I learned on this journey is I can take anything I am interested in and turn it into six figures.
Who am I? I am just like you a Mother of 5 kids, married, serial entrepreneur, go getter, ambitious, want more.